How The Giving Tree Works

The Giving Tree is a ministry of First United Methodist Church in Baton Rouge, LA. FUMC BR has partnered with Bernard Terrace Elementary School, Magnolia Woods Elementary School, and Wildwood Elementary School to ensure that children receive gifts for Christmas. 

How to participate:

  1. Choose a student to sponsor.

  2. You will receive a confirmation email from

  3. Purchase gifts for the child using their wishlist as a guide. Other gift ideas include:

    • Action Figures

    • Bikes assembled and helmet

    • Books

    • Colors/Markers

    • Dolls/Barbies

    • Football/basketball

    • Games

    • Legos

    • Puzzles

    • Remote control car/truck

    • Reusable water bottles

    • Clothing is also a great gift, some ideas are below

      • Athletic shoes

      • Gloves/Hat

      • Jacket

      • Jeans/pants

      • Jewelry/hair accessories

      • Shirts

      • Socks

      • Sweatpants

      • Sweatshirts

      • Underwear

  4. Wrap each gift separately and place them ALL in a plastic trash bag. Be sure to tie the bag closed and use an additional bag, if necessary. Gifts are given anonymously. 

  5. On the bag, please put a piece of paper that clearly states your student's name, grade, and school

  6. Return the gift sack to the Conference Center on either Sunday, November 28 or December 5. You may also return the gifts to the front office desk before Monday, December 6.